Farrah Abrahams (van Teen Mom) doet mee aan Ex On The Beach

Who's ex is next?


Op vakantie met je ex. Klinkt voor sommigen misschien als een nachtmerrie, maar Teen Mom-celebrity Farrah Abrahams had hier blijkbaar wel oren naar. Ze is te zien in het nieuwe seizoen Ex On The Beach.

De ex
Farrah wordt in het MTV-programma geconfronteerd met haar ex Simon Saran, met wie ze twee jaar lang een intense relatie had. Het stel ging in april 2017 uit elkaar.

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So here we go! Journey into my 30s! When I was younger, I always pictured myself being married to a beautiful wife, having kids, a home, and having successful buisness that allow me to spend time with them and be the best possible remodel I could be. I’ll say, times have def changed. Now, we forget the true values in life and what it’s suppose to look like in exchange for what we think it should look like. What was the goal for working so hard? To leave a legacy? But who will ever understand your vision? You will repeat a fantasy of finding love over and over again, to only end up with disappointment. But who really knows what love is? See when I started building my business, it was about survival. I needed to eat. I need to live and i needed to wake up and tell myself this isn’t the end. There were times I wanted to give up. But then I remembered I came way to fucking far. This isn’t in my bloodline! How could I ever tell myself it’s time to move on to other things. But I’m a committed man And I knew if I put my mind to it lI will figure it out. Everything will work. No matter if it was me buying and selling furniture off of Craigslist and being frowned upon as just a blue collar laborer working 20 hours a day. It didn’t matter. I knew what I was at the time, and I knew where I was suppose to be. I knew what my future had in store for me and that’s what kept me going. It wasn’t the materialist bullshit. It was the fight that I survived way harder circumstances and this was just another object on the road for me. My fire inside was too big. The warrior inside of me never gave up. If I could go back and relive it all over again I would in a heartbeat. See the best thing about making it is not the money; nor the lifestyle. But the story, they obstacles and the sleepless nights. That’s what kept me going. As I am ticking to my last days in my 20s I would rather be broke and spend time with my loved ones, because those moments and times are what made me and you can’t put a price on love or moments that make life unforgettable! Cheers to 30 and to all the lucky bastards that got to know me for me. So many more memories to make! Countdown now!

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Bekend gezicht
De 27-jarige realityster is geen vreemde in de tv-wereld. Nadat ze bij Teen Mom ontslagen werd omdat de televisiemaatschappij tegen haar werk in de seksindustrie was, nam ze deel aan het programma Couples Therapy, Celebrity Big Brother en Marriage Boot Camp.

Who's ex is next?
Over Ex On The Beach zelf: acht singles vertrekken naar een bounty eiland op zoek naar een nieuwe liefde. Eenmaal aangekomen op het eiland wordt duidelijk dat ze niet de enige deelnemers zijn. Ook hun exen zullen een acte de présence geven. En dat gaat niet van een leien dakje.

Vanaf 20 december kunnen we weer genieten van nieuwe afleveringen op MTV. Wij zitten alvast klaar met popcorn.

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